Try the local cuisine of seafood freshly caught in the Sea of Japan and dishes prepared with food from the foot of Mt. Haku (Hakusan).

Snow Crabs

Snow CrabsThe snow crabs caught in the nearby sea have a unique sweet flavor. Especially the female crab, called Kobako-gani, the eggs and the crab butter all have a delicate flavor that attracts many lovers of seafood.

Northern Pink Shrimp

Northern Pink ShrimpThese shrimp have a beautiful color and a shape, and taste like a delicately sweet, smooth but thick cream soup. The raw shrimp served as sashimi are extremely tasty.

Fugunoko (globefish roe)

Fugunoko (globefish roe)This delicately flavored globefish roe is pickled in sake lees and produced only in this area.

Kabura Zushi

Kabura zushiKabura zushi has been a delicacy of the Kaga district since the Edo era (1603-1867). This sushi consists of turnips and yellowtail pickled together with a good balance of sweet and sour. You can enjoy the crispy texture of the turnip with the fatty flavor of the yellowtail.

Wild Duck Dish

Wild Duck DishIn the Kaga district, the hunting of wild duck, called "Sakaami-ryo," has continued for a long time. The fat of the wild duck is of a good quality and the flavor rustic. The high season is from November to February.

Kata Tofu (solid tofu)

Kata Tofu (solid tofu)This tofu contains very little water and is so hard that it doesn’t break when tied with a rope. The flavor of the soybeans is rich.


KacchiriThis potato dish is made by boiling unpeeled washed potatoes in soy sauce and sugar, simply cooked until there is no soup left. This local cuisine has the appetizing aroma of the potato peels that is equally satisfied by the taste of the soft yet flaky potatoes.

Komatsu Udon

Komatsu UdonIn this area the Japanese noodle dish called Komatsu Udon has been a favorite since the Edo era (1603-1867). The noodles are made using the water flowing from under the sacred Mt. Haku (Hakusan). They are soft and thin noodles. Both boiling the noodles in this water and using it for the soup make this dish delicious.

Excellent Sweets

Excellent SweetsTry the tasty traditional sweets peculiar to this district. Rakugan are first-class and are hard, dry sweets made of high quality sugar called Wasanbon. Mizuame is a thick malt syrup made from rice and barley. Manju, including "Nya Nya Manju" produced at the Yamanaka Onsen hot springs, are buns with bean-jam filling. "Ankoro" is a rice cake produced in Hakusan City.

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